The University of Texas at Austin’s Cycling Club

Texas Cycling is primarily a social organization, with lots of fun get-togethers and events that make everyone in the club into one big group of friends that all seem to like (sometimes love) bikes. On the social side of things we have regular rides from campus that go to different eateries, along with beginner rides in the fall semester, participation in large Austin rides, and spontaneous member led rides in our Facebook group.

We do not shy away from competition however! Texas Cycling participates in the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference (SCCCC) under USA Cycling (USAC) in organized road, mountain bike, cyclocross, and track events. We consistently are a top team in the conference and send members to nationals yearly. Our goal is to promote cycling for everyone and one of the most exciting things you can do is race. Even from a beginner level racing is fun and is something we recommend every member to try at least once regardless of skill level.

Overall our team strives to establish a positive and fulfilling atmosphere to promote cycling for our riders and for the entirety of the UT campus. Our club makes it a point to help in the cycling community and make it a great place for everyone.

If you’ve liked what you read, anyone can join by going to our recruitment page and reading more!